Since 2002, Jayne has been researching and developing the application of ancient principles of meditation, breathing and movement to help enhance fluid motion in high pressure situations for athletes and those in the performing arts.

Her Tai Chi-based method of golf enhancement (previously called Chi-Power GOLF) was the first method to be recognised by the Professional Golfers’ Association, and since 2006 Chi-Performance GOLF has been one of a number of innovative approaches included in the PGA’s Member Education Programme which has its headquarters at the National Training Acadmey, (The Belfry), UK.

Jayne is seen as a pioneer and expert on this emerging genre which seeks to unite centuries old practice from the Eastern world with cutting-edge developments in 21st Century sportscience and neuroscience. Her work enables athletes from all sports to unite mind and body, unfiying their mental game and technique, so they can perform fluid, powerful, effortless and precise movement in competition and other high pressure situations.

“Jayne teaches the practical application of mindfulness in sport, specifically how mind and movement should complement each other to allow performance to emerge. Her work is a bridge between technical coaching and performance, allowing athletes to deliver effective motion under pressure”. – Dr Karl Morris, Mind Coach 

Her community of athletes and performers so far spans 17 countries and includes golfers, tennis-players, mid and long-distance runners, gymnasts, figure-skaters, snowboarders, swimmers, cyclists, extreme athletes, dancers and musicians.

jayne welcomes comments, feedback and questions from anyone involved in Eastern practice and/or sport and the performing arts so please get in touch.